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My dog is scared to sit on his new bed

Scary New Bed

I’ve bought my dog a scary new bed. I’m not sure what’s scary about it but the dog thinks it’s terrifying and should be avoided …
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Different Day, Same Track Pants

Or, is it same day, different track pants? Hard to tell. There’s a Groundhog Day vibe to life right now. The most exciting thing that happened …
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Job Done

Isn’t it quiet? Virtually the only sound to be heard yesterday afternoon was my husband swearing at the line trimmer that he couldn’t get to …
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All the Options

It was options evening at school this week; the school gym filled with (mostly) enthusiastic-looking students and their anxious-looking parents. Why do the parents always …
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It Takes Skill

I’ve been baking again. My second ever bacon and egg pie and a pretty tasty apple pie. No prizes this time around, though, because while …
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Only 9999 Hours to Greatness

I cut myself with a Smeg knife while attempting to slice an avocado. If that’s not a cliché I don’t know what is. It’s been …
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